Editors of US Medical Magazines Speak with Cubans


CIENFUEGOS, Cuba, Nov 14 (acn) Editors from over a dozen medical magazines from the United States spoke on Tuesday with workers of the Dr. Gustavo Aldereguia Lima University General Hospital of Cienfuegos.
The foreign visitors showed their interest in primary health care in Cuba, family and preventive medicine, and in the access to scientific information published on the Internet.

They were also given details about the results that allowed this hospital to obtain the category of collaborator of the World Health Organization in December, 2009.

Likewise, the US editors invited Cuban physicians to contribute to the publications they represent.

Dyana Valentine, editor of the Global Journal of Community Psychology in New York, said she was impressed by the island’s system of medical assistance, the results of which she was acquainted with, but that she hadn’t had the possibility to speak with its professionals directly. She also expressed her satisfaction with her visit to a country that is a world leader in health promotion.

Gail Reed, representative on the island of the Medic Review magazine, expressed her interest in knowing more about quality management at medical institutions and ways to collect information on the opinion of patients.

Composed of university professors, nurses, librarians and health professionals from several US states, the brigade also visited the Heroes de Playa Giron Ambulatory Specialized Center in Cienfuegos.

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