US Solidarity Network Urges Obama to Lift Blockade on Cuba


HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 14 (ACN) The US National Network on Cuba (NNOC) urged President Barack Obama to listen to the international community and lift all commercial and financial restrictions on the island.
For 21 years in a row, the international community voted on Tuesday against the financial, commercial and economic blockade on Cuba, reads a declaration by the US organization in solidarity with the Caribbean nation.

The document recalled that the over-50-year economic siege has inflicted unnecessary damage and suffering on the Cuban people, a situation that even worsened with the recent impact on the island by hurricane Sandy.
“The US Network on Cuba sends an urgent call to your administration so that you give a humanitarian gesture and lift the restrictions on credits and trade imposed on the Caribbean nation,” said the document.

“Such an action would allow the Cuban people to have more possibilities to purchase medicines, foods, construction materials, machinery and equipment necessary to recover from the recent disaster.”

“We refuse to become passive witnesses of this unfair US policy particularly after the natural disaster inflicted damage Cuba, read the document, cited by PL news agency.

“We hope that you, Obama, listen to the almost unanimous claim by the international community, expressed in the vote that took place Tuesday at the UN General Assembly, which demanded the end of the blockade on Cuba,” the network pointed out.

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